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4 Reasons to invest in The Valley, Brisbane

Located right on the northeastern periphery of the Brisbane CBD, Fortitude Valley has for many years been recognized for its cosmopolitan character and distinct identity. An electric mix of markets, music, shops, galleries, and bars portray this vibrant suburb.

Popularly known as “The Valley” by locals, this suburb in Brisbane is a cultural and commercial heartland that boasts a creative cluster of people and enterprises in software and digital content, marketing and media as well as architecture and design.

Fortitude Valley has experienced a wave of new hotel, residential and commercial development activity in the recent past. Actually, residential building approvals have reached an all time high since 2003. The numerous new commercial office buildings and hotels under construction or approved for construction match the strong activities in the residential market. Unquestionably, these developments will transform Fortitude Valley into Brisbane’s’ most desired place to stay, work and live.

There is no doubt that the time to invest in The Valley is now. Here are the top four reasons to put your money in Fortitude Valley:


Reason #1: Expected exit of millions of Baby-boomer Australians

Millions of baby-boomer Australians are expected to exit the workforce in the upcoming decade. They do not have anywhere to maintain a healthy income stream or retain their current digs. This means that many of them shall be attracted to downsizing to apartment living, disposing their suburban house, or releasing some thousands of dollars to complement their income. Buyers shall be looking to reside in high quality projects that are well established. ‘Place for space’ is the catch-cry.


Reason #2: Increase in inner-city vacancy rates

Between last year and this year, a number of new multi-storey apartments have settled around The Valley. Consequently, inner-city vacancy rates have escalated to around 3-4%. Nonetheless, ‘property consultants’ with vested interests shall definitely tell you something different. The increase in inner-city vacancy rates is another concrete reason to invest in Fortitude Valley.


Reason #3: Brisbane market recovery

Some few years back, Fortitude Valley and Brisbane in general experienced an over-supply of property. Tighter credit policies made it extremely difficult for developers to obtain project funding which led to the city’s surplus of property stock to escalate. A year or two ago, Brisbane’s market recovery began. The city witnessed a rise in buyer activity. Undoubtedly, the city’s outlook for property is sound. Job creation in Brisbane, population growth rates and consumer confidence are some of the factors that have inspired the recovery of Brisbane and Fortitude Valley to be specific, which is now an attractive investment destination.


Reason #4: Projected population growth

High-income earners and well-educated individuals constitute The Valley local population. The high number of non-residential and residential development as well as building approvals granted in the area is a clear indication of future growth and development. Projected population growth means that the demand for commercial and residential spaces will skyrocket in the coming years meaning excellent returns in these investments.

The Valley is definitely an unmatched opportunity for any investor to capitalize fully on an initially constrained commercial and residential market.

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