Utopia’s 1, 2 and 3 bedroom residences offer a refreshingly modern twist on the Australian residential lifestyle. With a unique, enclosed balcony design, the balcony space will be fully utilised. The balcony is built, based on the interior specification, with the bio-folding doors opening up to 90% of the balcony space. The balcony window can be easily opened and closed, hence, residents can enjoy full usage of indoor / outdoor functionality. Such design is stylish, gracious yet fine, luxurious and classic.

Extensive use of Nanoglass has been incorporated into each apartment, shielding heat by up to 67.1% and keeping rooms up to 8.3 degrees cooler. Nanoglass also blocks 99% of UV rays, 23% of infrared rays and provides light transparency of 84%. Regular glass only blocks around 12% of UV rays, 18% of infrared rays and light transparency is around 92%. This use of smart glass ensures your apartment is bathed in sunshine, yet reduces the need for excessive air conditioning and also protects soft furnishings, paintings, prints and other décor that may be prone to fading.

Utopia Space’s glazing adopts the world’s most advanced Japanese ‘Nano Glass’ technology. Without impacting on light transparency, it blocks up to 99% of UV light. Residents can enjoy the Queensland sun and views from indoors, without worry of sunburn or damage to furniture, or fabric that’s traditionally caused by exposure to direct sunlight. This type of glass can also block up to 76% Near Infrared (NIR) light, and achieves up to 20% savings on energy associated with operational costs of mechanical heating/cooling. By keeping temperature levels steady in both summer, and winter seasons, this glass improves the spaciousness and comfort levels of the dwelling. Such glass also comes with built-in anti-pest; anti-fog and self-cleaning functions which significantly reduce the cost of cleaning.

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