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Find your own Utopia in the heart of Brisbane

Utopia space

Beautiful, convenient, promising and affordable, those are just some of the words that can be used to describe Utopia Space. Situated in the heart of Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Australia, this beautiful residential property has a variety of apartments that will suit everyone. The apartments vary from 1 bedroom to 3 bedroom apartments and lofts.

There is a lot that Utopia space has to offer everyone.


Following is a look at some of those things:


Refreshingly twist in the modern lifestyle

The apartments have an enclosed balcony design such that the balcony space is fully utilised. The balcony is also built, based on the interior specifications. That means one can create an identity to his or her house according to how he or she designs it. The balcony window can be quickly closed and opened; hence, residents can enjoy full usage of indoor and outdoor functionality. Such design is stylish, luxurious and classic.


Smart glasses have also been incorporated in each apartment. The glasses ensure that there is enough lighting in the rooms and at the same time minimises the need for excessive air conditioning and it protects the soft furnishings, prints, paintings and other decorations that may be susceptible to fading.


Convenient location

To begin with, it is located just a few minutes from Brisbane CBD. For that reason, it is positioned adjacent to some of Brisbane’s most desirable suburbs, which include New Farm, Newstead, Bowen Hills and, Teneriffe. Fortitude Valley puts one in the centre of the action.

In addition to all that, Fortitude Valley is home to hundreds of trendy cafes, the city’s super clubs and the best bars, as well as restaurants, boutiques and cultural hotspots that celebrate Brisbane’s diversity. All the lifestyle amenities have been taken care of in this region.

All of them are favoured by the subtropical climate that allows the residents to enjoy the outdoors and a quality life that is the best in the country.


Investment opportunity

There is no person who is not interested in bettering their financial status. That opportunity is offered at Utopia space. Brisbane is among the fastest growing metropolises in the nation, and it is increasingly being recognised as a New World City worldwide. Following the location of The Valley to the Brisbane CBD, there is economic growth that is bound to happen in this region following surveys that have been conducted.


Fortitude Valley is the place that you want to settle in. There is a balance between the work life and the social life, and it is just a short distance from Brisbane CBD. It is the place to be.

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