Brisbane smart inner city living

Smarter Brisbane living with smart glass

Utopia Space is Brisbane’s latest exciting residential development. In the heart of The Valley precinct, Utopia offers more amenities than any other residential development. We feature ideal living spaces with inspiring rooftop events and recreational facilities. We have uniquely designed residences with enclosed balcony spaces and bio-folding doors; creating a beautiful aesthetic and allowing the full space to be utilized. Our design is stylish and classic allows for full usage of indoor / outdoor functionality.


Our innovative designs also include the use of Japanese Nanoglass in each apartment. Nanoglass has cutting edge technology which shields heat by up to 67.1% and keeping rooms up to 8.3 degrees cooler. Nanoglass provides 84% light transparency while blocking out 99% of UV rays and up to 76% Near Infrared (NIR) light. The alternative standard window glass blocks out about 12% of UV rays, 18% of infrared rays and light transparency of approximately 92%. Cutting edge smart glass technology is on the forefront of residential development. This intriguing features ensures that your residence receives ample sunlight while reducing you remain cool. It also protects furnishings, paintings, and other d├ęcor that are prone to fading. Smart glass technology also helps residents save up to 20% on their energy bill, specifically the cost of mechanical heating/cooling. Nanoglass technology also comes with built-in anti-pest; anti-fog and self-cleaning functions.


Utopia Space offers 1, 2, and 3 bedroom lofts and residences starting from just $399,000. We also offer a 5% rental guarantee, ideal for those looking to invest in a new property. Brisbane is one of the fastest growing cities in Australia gaining recognition on the global stage as the closest eastern seaboard capital city to Asia. We have amazing warm weather and sunny skies all year round, perfect for residents who enjoy participating in outdoor recreational activities. We are proud to be a part of such a vibrant city and we encourage our residents to discover everything Brisbane has to offer. Utopian Space is ideal for investors as indicators show The Valley has an annual growth rate of 3.8% in median apartment prices and a median rental growth rate of 4.2% for one bedroom apartments, 4.5% for two bedroom apartments, and 4.6% for one three bedroom apartments.


The Valley resident population is also expected to significantly increase by approximately 19,000 residents, by 2031. This means more than 1,000 new residents in this booming precinct, every year.
If there was ever a great time to invest in the inner Brisbane lifestyle, now is that time, at Utopia Space residences.

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